The Grand Jury in Ferguson has made thei

The Grand Jury in Ferguson has made their decision. I am assuming that the people of the jury, having seen evidence and heard testimony for weeks, know a lot more about the case than I do – including whether there was probable cause for an indictment. Did the shooting seem fishy? Well, the media reports seem to make it appear so, but I don’t know everything about this case and don’t pretend to.

Nationwide, we have seen an increase in the number of killings of young black men by police officers… or have we? Is this just a question of the media building up a non-issue for political effect? Once again, I don’t know.

One thing I know for sure, breaking into stores and burning cars will not solve the political and sociological issues at hand. If this is what our communication had devolved to, I pity us all.

I am an optimist. I choose to believe that racist bastards are a very small minority in our population. I believe that corrupt cops are a small percentage of the whole. I also believe that we all have to be vigilant against such tyranny.

Peace be with you all.


The most viral of viral videos

It was a fun and clever idea that did a lot of good: The Ice Bucket Challenge. Of course, it was played out long before the succession of bad videos ended, but that’s what happens with something truly viral, right?

According to Rick Smith’s article on (Sept. 2014) –

Well, it looks like it is finally calming down. Patios are being cleaned off. Ice buckets are being put away.  But only after the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge generated more than $100 million in donations in a single month, a staggering amount considering the organization took in only $2.5 million for all of 2013.  How in the world did this happen?

If you get the chance, you should really read the article – Rick talks about the idea of this challenge building on the crowd-funding of the early 1980’s, with people like Bob Geldorf making the “Do They Know It’s Christmas” songs and concerts.

The main three components of successfully tapping into a viral media program, according to the article, are making it: Big, Simple, and Selfless. These three qualities make people feel a part of things, that the action is achievable, and that they are expressing empathy by doing a good deed.

Check it out for yourself here:

And if you are a glutton for punishment, you can see my first-ever Vimeo video – of my husband Paul taking the Ice Bucket Challenge this summer. You can hear me egging him on from behind the camera, warm and dry. (My momma didn’t raise a fool!)

She did however raise a woman that doesn’t know how to post the video title properly, but hey… at least it posted!

Oh no – COOTIES!

Let me indulge in a whiney moment here: I’ve been sick since mid-October and I am so TIRED of it! Whew. Yeah, it has been a rough few weeks.

What likely started as a mild cold morphed into a sinus/ear infection that won’t go away. After a few rounds of antibiotics, I’m now getting tested for other super-skippy things like mono. Visiting the doctor once or twice a week gets old after awhile, even when your doctor is awesome.

The plan is that I’ll be back in class this evening. I promise not to lick any doorknobs or kiss anyone. Time to get back in the game!