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Jumping OFF the bandwagon

I am not a religious person. I don’t give a hoot whether you say Happy Yule, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, or Rockin’ Ramadan. I feel they are all nice good wishes. But I see so many people complaining about not being “allowed” to say Merry Christmas… Honestly, in my entire life no one has ever said “Don’t say that – you’re not ALLOWED to.” (And I worked retail for decades!)

I’m just saying, stop a second and think. Before you are outraged at the people “taking your rights away”… has anyone ever actually tried to muzzle you?

It’s like the “government” supposedly coming to take your guns. I own guns and never has someone come to my door and demanded my firearms, or to see paperwork related to my firearms. Unless you were involved in a seizure due to criminal charges, I doubt anyone has come to your door either.

Why don’t we get outraged about stuff that is really happening first? Let’s get mad about people that are ACTUALLY taking our tax dollars and our benefits. Let’s get mad at the people that are lowering our standards and jeopardizing our educational system. Let’s get mad about the cuts to the protections and safety nets that we may have to rely on at some point in our lives. Let’s get really angry about those things first, then I’ll get excited about the fictional issues.